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Easy way to create pivot tables in Excel

9 October 2014 in Uncategorized

It’s really time consuming to modify your Excel accounting records once you’ve fixed them. That’s why Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables are such an awesome tool. They enable you to move information from one accounting spreadsheet to another in a matter of seconds.You’re probably thinking this is just another complicated Excel formula you need to learn and struggle to understand, like Excel’s complicated ‘IF’ function.

But it’s not difficult at all! You can create an Excel Pivot Table in less than five minutes with these six easy steps… Try it on some sample data and see for yourself.

Use these 6 steps to create an Excel Pivot Table

You can quickly and easily create an Excel Pivot Table for your company’s accounting, all you have to do is:
Step #1: Choose the raw data you want in your Pivot Table. This comes from the original Excel spreadsheet. For example, you may want to move your profit figures from your sales records.
Step #2: Click anywhere on the raw data;
Step #3: Click on ‘insert menu’ which is at the top of your screen;
Step #4: Click on Pivot Table;
Step #5: A ‘create Pivot Table’ dialog box will pop up. It’s shows that Excel has automatically selected the entire data source. It’ll also ask you where you want to create the Pivot Table.
If you want to summarize the data, you must choose the ‘new worksheet’ option on the dialog box.
Step #6: Click ‘OK’ and Excel will:
– Insert a new spreadsheet into your workbook;
– Put a placeholder for the Pivot Table on it; and
– Open the ‘Pivot Table Field List’ on the right-hand side of your screen.
Step #7: In the ‘Pivot Table Field List’, choose the fields you want to add to the report in the top box and drag them into the areas below where you want them displayed.
And with that, you’ve created a brand new Pivot Table with the information from your sales records. This handy trick can cut the time you spend managing your company’s bookkeeping in half!

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